The 15th annual Sacramento Area Music Awards would not be possible without the support of the following:


Starrline Productions
Bud Light
Dimple Records
Skip’s Music
Watermelon Music, Davis
Zokku Lounge
Reno-Tahoe Blues Festival
Mt. Shasta Naturals


Adrian Bourgeois
Amee Chapman and the Big Finish
Be Brave Bold Robot
Bright Light Fever
Brother Nefarious
Crazy Ballhead
Daisy Spot
Fairman & Friends
Four Guys From Reno
Helper Monkeys
Hot Pistol
Leejay Abucayan
Molly Roth
Running Riot
Sol Peligro
Stacie Eakes and the Superfreakes
Taylor Neal
The Evening Episode
Trisha Escovilla
Walking Spanish


Alison Barr KWOD 106.5
Becca Costello Sacramento News & Review
Big Al KSFM 102.5
Brian Ballentine and Troy Kimura Nevada Backwards
Capone KWOD 106.5
Clay Nutting Concerts4Charity
David Houston Local Musician/Previous SAMMIES winner
David X KWOD 106.5
Eddie Jorgensen Sony/BMG Music
Hill Jordan KWOD 106.5
Jeff Fekete KDVS
Joel Brungart KVMR
Justin Espino and Sara Martin Dimple Records
Kevin Seconds KWOD 106.5
Kim Kanelos Old Ironsides
Larisa Bryski Skip’s Music
Lee Perkins V101
Mark Gilmore 98 Rock
Marty DeAnda DIG Music
Matias Bomball Capitol Public Radio 88.9 KXJZ
Melinda Castro Sacramento News & Review
Pat Martin 98 Rock
Ray “Catfish” Copeland Catfish and the Crawdaddies
Scott Hervey Weintraub Genshlea Chediak Sproul
Will Majors KNOZ 96.5 FM
Willie Seltzer Guitar Center


800 J Lofts
Café New Orleans
Cartel Ink Works
Country Club Plaza Mall
Fulton’s Prime Rib
Healing Arts Festival
Insane Productions
Murder Ink Tattoo
Nor Cal Duplication
NorCal Entertainment
Paradise 2 Go
Toe-Fu Toe Rings
Vic’s Ice Cream
Video Clearance Center
Weston House Recording
Xtream Novelties
Yakety Yak Wireless

Showcase Venues:

Blue Lamp
Dimple Records
Old Ironsides
Press Club
The Boardwalk
The Kennel Club
Zokku Lounge

Special thanks to:
Dan Reynoso
Danny Torza
Final Summation
Steve Hoffman Campbell’s Soup Company
Travis Chance Last Chance

…and a super special thank you to all the nominees, and the abundant well of talented local musicians from which we draw! You put the “mm” in SAMMIE!


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