Sammies 2006

14:59 and counting

“In the future,” Andy Warhol wrote in 1968, “everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Perhaps it speaks to the human desire for notoriety that these words, printed in a 1968 catalogue of his work, have become more famous than either the man or his artwork. (Note the weekly 15 Minutes feature.)

Less well-known is Warhol’s later quote on the subject in Andy Warhol’s Exposures: “I’m bored with that line,” he said. “I never use it anymore. My new line is, ‘In 15 minutes everybody will be famous.’”

Well, if you happen to be reading this from a seat in the Crest Theatre at 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, July 12th, it looks like he’s right. The 15th annual Sacramento Area Music Awards are about to start, amidst rumors that Warhol’s ghost may make an appearance.

The bands you’ll see tonight—21 performing groups and countless award-winners and nominees—have each earned a few well-deserved minutes of acclaim. Some of these performers, like pop crooners Daisy Spot, have been working together for more than a decade. Others, like Adrian Bourgeois and the other Jammies bands on the second stage, are just beginning their climb towards the spotlight.

Tonight we honor all of Sacramento’s musicians—those with less than a minute on the fame clock and those whose skills have carried them well into overtime. In the city between the rivers, our musicians are stars, our guiding lights. Here’s hoping their time never runs out.

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