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Rated 3.0

A recovering sex addict (Mark Ruffalo) re-enters the dating scene, unsure when to tell his new girlfriend (Gwyneth Paltrow) about his past; his Narcotics Anonymous sponsor (Tim Robbins) confronts his own wayward son (Patrick Fugit), who may still be a junkie; and finally, a sex-addicted doctor (Josh Gad) tries to BS his way through recovery. Writer-director Stuart Blumberg casts his nets a little too wide, and can't quite finesse all the shifts in tone from drama to comedy and back again. Still, there's much good stuff here, even if the picture leaves us with the feeling that it should be a lot more satisfying than it is. Performances are strong, although the storyline involving Gad and Alecia “Pink” Moore (as yet another sex addict) is more interesting than the other two and maybe should have played the center ring.