Terry Hanck

I Keep on Holdin’ On

Bluesers, surfers, skaterheads, soul fans and lotsa girls are lining up to hear this righteous entertainer. Hanck blows tenor sax like King Curtis and Jr. Walker, and with the breath control that takes, you can bet his gorgeous vocals pack an emotional wallop. They do. His own “Crying Fool,” a steamy stroll, should become an R&B standard. Hanck’s choices for covers are perfect—especially the snaky, be-turbaned 1950s Chuck Willis gem, “Whatcha Gonna Do?”—and reveal his fine heritage. After a decade (1977-88) of standing alongside bandleader Elvin Bishop, Hanck ramped it up with his own excellent band, the Soul Rockers. He leans to the fertile land of New Orleans R&B like the music fan he is; his level of expertise makes for an unbeatable workout. You can see Hanck tear it up on the “Blues & Brews” stage at the California State Fair every night from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. Once in the fair, the music is free!