Temple Fine Coffee and Tea’s communal sketchbook

An unsigned drawing from Temple’s sketchbook.

An unsigned drawing from Temple’s sketchbook.

Temple Fine Coffee & Tea

1019 9th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 443-4960

Ah, ennui. What to do about it? How about feeding it a cup of finely crafted liquid caffeine? But once that cup stimulates the nervous system, as it tends to do, what will you do to keep busy? Have no laptop to tinker with? Uh oh. Will self-consciousness prevail? Fear not, for fidgety digits have an outlet: the Temple sketchbook. This 300-page book is chock-full of largely anonymous doodles, messy scribbles, poems, rants, love letters and a handful of unexpectedly good drawings. There’s a lot of Sharpie ink seepage—and sketchers who admonish said Sharpie users for inconsiderately using such pens in a communal book. It’s great fun to turn the pages and find the gems, and there are even a few spots to leave your own mark. Keep a lookout for the fantastic Cookie Monster drawing, and the question, “Do you like the way Trader Joe’s smells? Yes No Maybe.”

Well, do you? Temple Fine Coffee and Tea, 1014 10th Street; (916) 443-4960.