Of the Wind

Kent Lacin surrounded by his photos of homeless teenagers.

Kent Lacin surrounded by his photos of homeless teenagers.

Photo by Shoka

A young man lies on his side on the high concrete ledge on 16th Street, downtown’s old Globe Mills building prominent behind him. His face is both serene and uncertain, like many of the countenances captured by photographer Kent Lacin, who photographs homeless teens he’s met through the Wind Center, an outreach program for homeless youth. The kids at the center took Lacin to their camps and hangouts, resulting in environmental portraits that are mere glimpses into the teenagers’ stories. Like the American River College student who lived in the rail yards. Or the couple with two kids, an SUV and a home: all taken away because they were financing themselves on credit. Or the boy with the flora-camouflaged camp by the river, who slept where only a few nights before a man was killed.

“Part of the challenge is to get people to look at it with new eyes. They’re normal kids; they want the same things we do,” Lacin says. He’ll also show several “large abstract” digitally manipulated pieces; the original source being the teen portraits.

Children of the Wind‘s reception is on Saturday, September 13, with a benefit concert. On Thursday, September 11, there’ll be a panel discussion including a homeless teen and future Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. Through October 4. CSUS Library Gallery, 6000 J Street; (916) 278-4189.