Kevin’s bringing sexy back to school

“Untitled” by Ianna Frisby, ceramic.

“Untitled” by Ianna Frisby, ceramic.

The end of summer is upon us, and that means the excitement of a new academic year has commenced for many area youngsters. Well, maybe not that many, since the breakthrough No Child Left Behind act—no one gets pumped to spend a year studying for standardized tests.

But it’s OK to get excited about the group show Back 2 School. It tickles at youthful playfulness, school-administration bureaucracy and nostalgia.

A wall covered with confiscated notes from students of artist and substitute teacher Gioia Fonda, full of misspellings and inappropriate content, are disturbing but laughable. Case in point: The anonymously penned “I love you Kevin. Because you are cute and sexy. I love you Kevin.”

Fonda, Ianna Frisby, Nathan Cordero, Amanda Carroll, Natalie Jenkins, Joel Michael Smith and Jacob Magraw contribute strong school-themed pieces to the show. Fonda’s transfixing grid of decrepit desk-chair backs is a reminder of the decline of resources being provided in public schools.

The last day to go Back 2 School is Saturday, September 6, at Tangent Gallery; 2900 Franklin Boulevard.