Tater tacos

I’m never one to pass up a carb-rich treat like bread—especially bread stuffed with savory fillings. So I’m a big fan of the Afghan bolanis sold by East & West Gourmet Afghan Foods at the Davis Farmers’ Market.

My favorite is the slightly spicy pumpkin filling, but I just tried a lentil bolani and didn’t have any trouble finishing it. They’re especially good topped with hummus, tomato pesto, cilantro chutney and other flavorful spreads.

Kabul Kabob (729 J Street) has bolani on its menu stuffed with leeks. They told me that some people eat it for breakfast, but I usually warm it up for lunch. I found a recipe online that said to use flour tortillas as a substitute for the traditional bread (which is made of flour, water, salt and oil).

For a filling, mash some cooked potatoes (white or orange) and stir in chopped cilantro, chopped scallions or leeks, oil, salt and pepper. I’d add a bit of heat with some minced chili. It’s practically a tater taco!