Super suckers

I loved Otter Pops when I was a kid—the way they stained my tongue a frightening red or blue. But now when it’s 99 degrees in the shade and I need a treat, I crave a more 21st-century popsicle.

You can find them at the farmers’ markets in Davis (Fatface) and at Cesar Chavez Plaza on Wednesdays (DavePops), in flavors like Arnold Palmer (iced tea-lemonade) and mango-mandarin orange. Even Ginger Elizabeth (1801 L Street) is in the popsicle market, with a raspberry-rose sherbet bar.

But I like to just mix up interesting combinations at home. Recently, I blended one cup fresh olallieberries with about one-half cup vanilla yogurt, one-quarter cup torn fresh spearmint leaves and a dash of sugar (remember that freezing dulls sweetness). I poured the puree into popsicle molds and was rewarded with a gourmet ’sicle that stained my tongue a fantastic bright purple.