Rated 3.0

A band of cool-hand thieves (led by Paul Walker and Idris Elba) are talked into an armored-car heist by a former colleague just out of prison (Tip “T.I.” Harris)—against their better judgment, because they’re not sure they can trust the guy. Meanwhile, two dogged cops (Matt Dillon, Jay Hernandez) are poking around, sensing that something big is about to go down. The script shows a lot of hands—Peter Allen, Gabriel Casseus, Avery Duff and director John Luessenhop—but it’s pretty tight for all that, with intelligent twists that keep us guessing. Inspiration runs out in the ending, though, which is ambiguous and unsatisfying just when a movie like this should be tying things up in a bow. Luessenhop gets good performances but bobbles the many gunfights and action scenes—poorly staged, badly edited.