Take SN&R’s election quiz

SN&R asks the tough, ridiculous and pub-quizworthy local-politics questions. Can you hack it?

1. There are 13 candidates running for the Sacramento City Council. How many would have voted “no” on the Kings' arena deal?

A. Five

B. 10

C. One

D. Zero

2. During a recent League of Women Voters forum, who admitted that he is “not the flashiest”?

A. County supervisor candidate Patrick Kennedy

B. Dale Schornack

C. County supervisor candidate Jrmar Jefferson

D. Mayor Kevin Johnson

3. Which candidate has raised the most money since January 2013?

A. City Councilman Jay Schenirer

B. City council candidate Cyril Shah

C. City council candidate Rick Jennings

D. City council candidate Julius Cherry

4. Who did district attorney candidate Todd Leras say he would prosecute?

A. Mayor Kevin Johnson

B. Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg

C. Assemblyman Richard Pan

D. Justin Bieber

5. Mayor Johnson has endorsed:

A. Rick Jennings

B. Assembly candidate Jim Cooper

C. State Superintendent Marshall Tuck

D. Marijuana legalization

E. All of the above

F. Only A and C

G. Only A, B and C

6. To whom did a dark-money campaign mailer compare candidate Julius Cherry?

A. Mayor Rob Ford

B. Mother Teresa

C. Julius Caesar

D. Kevin Johnson

7. City council candidate Ali Cooper dinged opponent Jay Schenirer for accepting too much money from:

A. Unions

B. Kmart

C. Wal-Mart

D. Donald Sterling

8. The only two politicians to vote “no” on the Kings arena term sheet are running:

A. For city council

B. For state Assembly

C. Trick question, they're not running for office

D. With the devil

9. How many District 3 candidates would've voted “yes” on McKinley Village?

A. One

B. Seven

C. Two

D. Zero

10. Of the 13 city council candidates, how many support “strong mayor”?

A. 10

B. One

C. Four

D. Seven

11. All three district-attorney candidates agree that the most important issue is:

A. Human trafficking

B. Realignment

C. White-collar crime

D. Remembering to record Law & Order

12. County supervisor candidate Jrmar Jefferson has appeared on:

A. American Idol

B. America’s Got Talent

C. The X Factor

D. America’s Next Top Model

E. The Bachelorette

F. A, B and E

G. A, B and C

13. Which candidate fought to stop city school district closures last year?

A. Rick Jennings

B. Assembly candidate Diana Rodriguez-Suruki

C. Jay Schenirer

D. Cosmo Garvin

14. State Senate candidate Richard Pan is also a:

A. Lawyer

B. Former athlete

C. Doctor

D. Craft-beer enthusiast

15. Which candidate sports a ponytail?

A. District attorney candidate Maggy Krell

B. DA candidate Anne Marie Schubert

C. City council candidate Efren Guttierrez

D. All of the above

16. Which candidate has more than two decades of public-service experience?

A. State Sen. candidate Roger Dickinson

B. Julius Cherry

C. Assembly candidate Steve Cohn

D. Anne Marie Schubert

E. All of the above

F. A, C and D

17. Who is running unopposed?

A. City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby

B. County Supervisor Phil Serna

C. Sheriff Scott Jones

D. All of the above

18. Which candidate declined to sign an agreement to not partake in negative campaigning or attack ads?

A. Gov. Jerry Brown

B. Kevin Johnson

C. Rick Jennings

D. Gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly

19. Measure B increases city parcel tax to pay for libraries by how much each month?

A. $100

B. $1

C. $10

D. $1,000

20. Candidate Rick Jennings:

A. Won a Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders

B. Won a Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers

C. Lost an NBA title to the Los Angeles Lakers

D. Once beat Sylvester Stallone at arm wrestling


1. A (Julius Cherry, Ellen Cochrane, Ali Cooper, Efren Guttierrez, Jeff Harris); 2. A; 3. B (District 3 candidate Cyril Shah has raised approximately $132,000 since January 2013); 4. C; 5. G; 6. C; 7. C; 8. B; 9. A (Rosalyn Van Buren); 10. C (Angelique Ashby, Rick Jennings, Adam Sartain, Jay Schenirer); 11. B; 12. G; 13. B; 14. C; 15. C; 16. E; 17. D; 18. C; 19. B; 20. A.

If you answered all 20 correct:

You earned the “Karl Rove of the 916” badge. Great work! Now get a life.

If you got more than 15 correct:

You're a cheater, a politician or a City Hall insider. Probably all three. You get the Scandal badge.

If you got at least half correct:

Thank you, loyal SN&R reader! We present to you the “I Kinda Know What's Going on, Don't Underestimate Me, Fool” badge.

If you got less than five correct:

The county should take away your right to vote. You get the “I (Almost) Voted, but SN&R Violated My Rights” badge.