Take a hike

Sometimes I get asked if there is anything I miss eating as a vegan. I suppose there is: I missed my opportunity to dine at the vegetarian eatery Pachamama’s Organic Cafe in Auburn (that's what the inquirers meant, right?). It closed several months ago, leaving a hole in the community to be filled by organic-loving, juice- and smoothie-making, plenty-of-vegan-options restaurateurs, and Nectar Cafe is filling that niche (948A Lincoln Way in Auburn, www.nectar-cafe.com). The menu includes a zucchini lasagna, white-bean-and-quinoa burger, and daily soups, such as Vegan Kreamy Kale. It gives only more reason to take a sojourn to the hills, go for a hike, and stop in adorable downtown Auburn for a post-nature-is-so-amazing meal. Seems like an opportunity that would be a shame to miss.