Sydney White

Rated 3.0

A college freshman (Amanda Bynes), ostracized by the sorority she’s been pledging, takes refuge with a band of seven social rejects in their rundown cottage on Fraternity Row. If that sounds familiar, it should – Chad Gomez Creasey’s script is an updated fairy tale, sort of Snow White and the Seven Dorks, with a wicked (campus) queen named Rachel Witchburn (Sara Paxton). Once you get the joke, it’s pretty standard mean-girls stuff, made enjoyable by the deft casting of Bynes; with her fresh-faced prettiness and her big, slightly crossed eyes, she’s equally believable as a campus beauty and as a nerdy outcast. She gets good support from her seven dorks (Jack Carpenter, Danny Strong, Jeremy Howard, Adam Hendershott, Samm Levine, Arnie Pantoja and Donté Bonner). Joe Nussbaum directs on autopilot.