Resident Evil: Extinction

Rated 1.0

The videogame-based franchise lurches into its third installment with the same star, Milla Jovovich, and writer, Paul W.S. Anderson, but a new director, music video veteran Russell Mulcahy. The story is still pretty much nonexistent—some nonsense about an evil corporation, something called a “T-virus,” and a plague of zombies that, game-like, keep coming up to be blown to bits by the surviving humans (who never run out of ammunition despite being stranded in the desert miles from the nearest Wal-Mart). Having no beginning or middle, the story also has no end, just a set-up for Part Four. Fans of the game who don’t mind dropping nine-plus bucks without even handling the joystick can start saving their change—at the rate the episodes are coming, the next one should be along sometime early in 2010.