Sun, Nov 28, Dark Star Orchestra

Crest Theatre, 7:30 p.m., $27

Crest Theatre

1013 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 476-3356

I’ll be honest: I’ve always hated the music of the Grateful Dead. I remember attending one of their New Year’s Eve shows at the then-Oakland Coliseum with the Neville Brothers (who I do love, by the way) and being so annoyed that I ultimately broke up with my girlfriend on the drive home. For those who do actually care, Dark Star Orchestra, on the other hand, do justice to the band’s legacy and satiate even the most discerning Deadhead’s appetite. Sacramento will host the third show on their winter tour, and fans of DSO can expect to hear a recreation of a past Dead show from the immediate area in all its splendor. I won’t be there—but you should. 1013 K Street,