Dubstep goes Calrissian

Who flies the Falcon?

Who flies the Falcon?

Starlite Lounge

1517 21st St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 704-0711

With a name like Lazer Sword (the band claims they didn’t actually realize it could be confused as a Star Wars reference until someone pointed it out well after they had established themselves) and one of two members named Lando, it’s not surprising that the fat-beat, bass-heavy sound they produce puts a futuristic-sounding twist to the electro/hip-hop genre, something they refer to as “experimental volcano hop.” Deejays Low Limit, real name Bryant Rutledge, and Lando Kal, a.k.a. Elk Grove native Antaeus Roy, have been causing a stir throughout the club circuit. Originally hailing from San Francisco, the two innovators now are in Los Angeles and Berlin—but lately are on the road promoting their debut full-length album. The pair set in motion a hype machine surrounding their name after releasing “Gucci Sweatshirt” back in 2008 for free online. The song was widely recognized as a prototype mashing of crunk hip-hop and electro, and although much of their self-titled debut, releasing November 2 on Innovative Leisure, is packed with songs of the same blueprint, the album also comes fitted with some milder tracks; a couple songs are even drumless. But don’t let that fool you; if you intend to go to see them perform, be prepared for some can’t-help-but-dance-your-ass-off type shit. Lazer Sword plays Grimey, a dubstep night, this Tuesday, November 30, at TownHouse Lounge, 1517 21st Street; no cover before 10 p.m.