Sun, May 1, Nelly

Capitol Mall, 10 a.m., $19

Capitol Mall

900 Capitol Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 698-8131

KSFM 102.5 put together a sweet lineup for its outdoor party this Sunday. The list reads like a champion hip-hop basketball team: Nelly’s the Grammy-winning rapper/actor veteran who helped bring Southern hip-hop into the mainstream back in 2000; Keri Hilson’s the young hip-hop hook singer du jour with two recent full-length albums; Flo Rida is a club music specialist, with bangers like “Low,” “In the Ayer” and “Club Can’t Handle Me;” Jeremih’s trying to avoid being a one-hit wonder by following “Birthday Sex” with “Down on Me;” and New Boyz, the rookies of the lineup, produced the catchy 2009 single “You’re a Jerk.” 915 Capitol Mall,