Summer sippers

Tequila Infusions, Centro Cocina Mexicana

One of the rewards of suffering through hot summer days is relaxing on warm summer nights, preferably with a chilled beverage. I myself plan to log some serious time this summer at Centro making my way through the menu of refreshing tequila infusions. Made of fresh fruit soaked in silver tequila—nothing else—these simple concoctions let the flavor of the tequila shine through with nothing but a wholesome touch of natural sweetness to enhance it. Numerous combinations of pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, blackberry and blueberry beckon, but I started with the hibiscus-apple-blueberry, a marvelous, not-too-sweet choice that tasted like summer itself. Served straight up (the best way) or with triple sec and lime on ice. 2730 J Street;