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Cowabunga! Thanks for the water park, Yahoo!

Cowabunga! Thanks for the water park, Yahoo!

Sacramento’s been a test market for Yahoo! Inc.'s “Local,” a neighborhood-themed online forum, for about a month. Let’s take a peek at the real-life suggestions of real-life Sacramentans.

One forum member, in their infinite wisdom, proposed the original idea of redeveloping K Street—"that area is always (supposedly) right on the verge of being awesome, but every time I go there are more bums, more bad smells.” Yes, it’s not really a suggestion, but “Local” users still are learning the ropes.

Another member proposed a dog park in the city—"I give this idea a resounding Bow Wow!!!"—which garnered a 66 percent approval rating. Hey, if you open up K Street to the dogs …

And then there’s the suggestion to end all suggestions: “Sacramento don’t have any cool water park—wouldn’t it be great to have a water park like they have in Irvine?” which earned an impressive 80 percent approval from Yahoo! users. Upfront’ll let SN&R editor and former Orange County resident Matt Coker riff on this one: “Keep in mind what just happened at San Francisco Zoo and the fact that the same Irvine hills that host the water park used to be the unfenced Lion Country Safari, where at least one flesh-eater escaped the final roundup, according to a legend I just made up. As for underwater predators in the pools the slides dump into, at least they’re sucking liquid infused with chlorine, tanning oil and preteen spirit. See you on Dateline, boy-os.”