Strange Wilderness

Rated 1.0

A drugged-out crew of wildlife filmmakers hope to save their floundering TV series by getting the elusive Big Foot on film. Writers Peter Gaulke and Fred Wolf (who also directed) produce a stoner comedy of indescribable sloppiness: They’re so lazy they don’t even invent names for their main characters. Steve Zahn plays “Gaulke” and Allen Covert plays “Wolf.” The laziness communicates itself to the actors; Zahn and Covert don’t even bother to stay in character through the end of the last shot. Some decent actors thrash about in the slovenly wreckage: Harry Hamlin, Robert Patrick, Justin Long and dear old Ernest Borgnine (surprisingly spry at 90). Someone, please, give Borgnine more work—he’s an Oscar winner, after all, and we can’t let his career end in a piece of worthless garbage like this.