Over Her Dead Body

Rated 2.0

A bride (Eva Longoria Parker) dies on her wedding day, then her ghost returns a year later to haunt the psychic caterer (Lake Bell) who is about to make moves on her still-grieving fiancé (Paul Rudd). Writer-director Jeff Lowell’s script is, if anything, even sillier than it sounds; it’s a clanking Frankenstein of a movie stitched together from pieces of the bodies of romantic comedies that have gone before. Any C-average screenwriting student can see it all coming a mile away, including that cliché, the climactic rush to the airport for a don’t-get-on-that-plane-can’t-you-see-I-love-you scene. Parker overacts like an amateur; the others—including Lindsay Sloane as Rudd’s meddling sister and Jason Biggs as Bell’s gay best friend—do what they can while looking as if they wish they were somewhere else.