Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation

Debbie Stoller

Look for knitting patterns at your local yarn store and you’ll find the standard fare: afghans, baby booties, socks and sweater vests. It’s a fine selection—if you’re retired, have lots of grandchildren and live in the Midwest. Because the knitting industry has been slow to realize that plenty of crafty young women (and men) are wielding the needles, next-generation knitters have had to create their own awesome patterns. Fifty are in this book—the latest from the international affiliation of knitting circles loosely organized by the Web site at Make monster slippers with googly eyes, laptop bags, sweaters with flames up the sides, yoga-mat holders, skull wrist-cuffs, leg warmers, pink piggy cell-phone holders and your own Joey Ramone doll. Hey! Ho! Let’s go!