Kathy Kieth

Keeping Time in the Clock Shop

Kathy Kieth provides the imagination and elbow grease for Fair Oaks’ Rattlesnake Press. In addition to being an energetic publisher and promoter of others’ work, she’s an accomplished poet herself. The 24 poems in this chapbook all are concerned with time’s shape and passage and with the tools we use to track it. The poems are set in a clock shop, which allows Kieth to explore a variety of timekeeping devices and the people who use them. Kieth’s use of ellipses keeps the poems sliding into one another, perhaps emulating the ticking of time itself as it “takes what / it can as it passes through the / clockmaker’s rough hands, / ticking its way along before it / finally winds down one last hour” (from “A Stillness of Ticking”). Send an e-mail to pwj@tco.net for ordering information.