Rated 2.0

Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx play three U.S. Navy fighter pilots teamed with a robot fighter plane in this outlandish action hodgepodge. W.D. Richter’s script defies synopsis; first it’s a straight version of Team America: World Police, then it’s The Mod Squad meets Hal 9000, then it’s Fail-Safe, and then it’s Behind Enemy Lines, with flashes of Top Gun and An Officer and a Gentleman. The special effects are a cross between a cheesy video game and a Godzilla movie, and director Rob Cohen overdoes the shaky, murky, hand-held photography (except when Biel slips into her bikini; then Cohen’s camera is rock-steady, and he makes sure there’s plenty of light). Halfway through, there’s a plot development that deserves some kind of Jughead award for wasting one of the movie’s most valuable talents.