Don’t Move

Rated 4.0

When his critically wounded teenage daughter shows up in his own emergency room, a well-heeled surgeon reflects on his doomed affair with a hotel maid. Wait—give it a chance: The film is Italian, for one thing, and the maid is Penélope Cruz—irrepressibly sexy and dauntless in the performance of her career (at last, a performance and not a pose). You’ll get to see a lot of her—her tonsils, for instance—and you should know the affair was rough; it began with a rape. Director Sergio Castellitto, who also stars and co-wrote, wants it to be clear that he’s made a film for adults. And in that regard, it is a little by-the-numbers: efficiently dramatized, consummately controlled and never patronizing but not quite able to transcend being merely a slice of tormented bourgeois inner life.