Stealing Harvard

Rated 2.0 When his niece is accepted to Harvard, a decent working guy (Jason Lee) has to make good on a rash promise to pay for her college education. For ideas on how to raise the money, he turns to his best friend (), a world-class screw-up who has trouble even raising a sweat. The little appeal this movie has is mainly thanks to Lee and Dennis Farina (as his prospective father-in-law). Otherwise it’s a dead loss that wastes a decent supporting cast (Leslie Mann, Megan Mullally, Richard Jenkins, John C. McGinley). Director Bruce McCulloch tries to minimize the damage Green does, but even one frame of him would be too much. His mere presence (openly staring at cue cards while reading his lines) is an insult to Lee, doing his best to make a foolish premise work (script by Peter Tolan and Martin Hynes).