State Property

Rated 1.0 Philadelphia thug Beans (Beanie Siegel) is tired of being broke and living in his mother’s house with his girlfriend. While sipping drinks at a local strip club he decides to gather a crew of urban “soldiers” called the ABM (for All Black Mafia) and forcefully take over the city’s lucrative drug trade. His recruitment mantra is join or die: (“You got to get down or you got to lay down—and stay down.”) and one of his first recruits is a particularly cold-blooded killer. Beans moves his lover and their daughter to the affluent suburbs as the screen is filled with bare bar dancers, blood, bare female breasts, bullets, bare female butts, beatings, bare females kissing each other and a tedious stream of player cliches. The story is pointless and the rap soundtrack immediately forgettable. Directed by Abdul Malik Abbott with all the dressings of a tawdry, low-budget hip-hop video.