Harrison’s Flowers

Rated 2.0 When photojournalist David Strathairn is presumed dead while covering the Yugoslav Civil War, his wife (Andie MacDowell) braves the war zone to find him. Director Elie Chouraqui has a knack for brutal, horrifying warfare, and those scenes have real impact; otherwise the film is not compelling. It’s clearly a slavish imitation of The Killing Fields, but characters are un-involving and the story far-fetched (even the title is ridiculous). The dialogue sounds improvised (non-stop profanity often means the cast is making it up on the spot), and the narration by co-star Elias Koteas sounds patched on at the last minute to try to pull things together. Strathairn is wasted, MacDowell as stiff as ever; only Adrien Brody and Brendan Gleeson (as MacDowell’s fellow travellers) do much with their screen time.