Stage Pick: The White Rose at Acme Theater Company

A bit young for warmongering, no?

A bit young for warmongering, no?

Photo courtesy Acme Theater Company

Acme Theater Company is presenting The White Rose by Lillian Garret Groag, which tells the story of five students dedicated to denouncing the Nazi regime who are arrested for distributing treasonous leaflets. Over five days, the members are interrogated and ultimately executed.

Eleanor Richter as Sophie Scholl (one of the students) and Gracelyn Watkins as police chief Robert Mohr give strong, emotional performances, while Grey Turner as Nazi Anton Mahler gets more and more snide and nasty as the play progresses.

Given today’s political climate, this is a play more people should see, and Acme does an excellent job with it. Thu 8pm, Fri 8pm, Sat 8pm, Sun 4pm. Through 1/21; $10-$12; Pamela Trokanski Dance Theater, 2720 Del Rio Place in Davis; (530) 401-6688;