Spring forward

This weekend, the clocks spring forward—great for longer twilights, but if you get up early, it’ll just be that much darker. In case you need a reason to get out of bed, I asked Sean Kohmescher, owner of Temple Fine Coffee and Tea, to recommend some top specialty coffees:

1. “We have an Ethiopian Limu Trabocca Select. As an espresso, it’s medium- to heavy-bodied, with a little bit of bananas, berries and a chocolate finish. As a French press, it’s got a little more citrus, fruits, hints of acai and cranberries, rounded and smooth.”

2. “A Guatemala San José Ocaña—a party in the mouth, I call it. Note: any Guatemalan coffee, through this week, 50 cents of every pound is going back to the farm; the property managers who run the estate, the son and father, were killed recently, so that’s to benefit them.”

3. “We’ve got a Rwanda Humure. It’s great as a French press, very sweet, kind of Rice Krispies–like with thick body, wild intensity, sweet acidity. Also, 25 cents of every pound goes to Bikes to Rwanda.”