Traveling tacos

Note: After press time, the City of Sacramento passed an ordinance that will require food trucks to move every 30 minutes. Currently operating trucks are grandfathered in for five years—so go now.

Looking for an outstanding taco? Some of the best are at trucks, not taquerias. I asked local J. Lurie-Terrell, who runs an interactive Web site mapping California taco trucks (, for the best area trucks:

1. “Tres Hermanos on El Camino and Connie ( Unlike many other places, they serve grilled peppers and onions with the meat. The burritos and tortas are good, but the tacos are excellent and cheap. The buche and lengua are especially good. They are supposedly open until 10:30 p.m. but sometimes close at 9:30 or 10 [p.m.] if business is slow or weather inclement.”

2. “There are several trucks at West El Camino and Northgate; the two that are almost always there in the evening are the best—not sure of their names. One will put cilantro and onions on the tacos for you; at the other, you do it yourself. Meat is very fresh, service is almost instantaneous.”

3. “There’s a truck a block or so south of 65th on Stockton which is also excellent. It’s run by Salvadorans, so in addition to very good tacos, they also have pupusas, which I have not yet tried. They look terrific, though.”