Space Chimps

Rated 3.0

When a U.S. space probe is lost in a wormhole connected to a parallel universe, the space agency, rather than risk a human crew, sends a trio of chimpanzees to investigate (voices by Andy Samberg, Cheryl Hines and Patrick Warburton), where the simians discover a planet inhabited by what look like stuffed muppets from a carnival ring-toss booth. Writers Robert Moreland and Kirk De Micco (who also directed) aim low, but at least they hit the target, with an animated feature for kids of all ages from 6 to 7, as colorful and sugary as a bag of Gummi bears and just as nourishing and satisfying. There’s more ingenuity than imagination, more glitter than magic, but it’s acceptable kid stuff, someplace to send the toddlers and their baby sitter while Mom and Dad take in The Dark Knight or Sex and the City.