Sound and fury

Is Vicki Bennett a person like you?

Is Vicki Bennett a person like you?

Incoming transmission: UC Davis imports British invasion of arty people with laptops for evening of exotic multimedia happenings. Basics to follow.

Name: People Like Us. Also known as: Vicki Bennett. Style: “plunderphonic.” Mission: listen, sample, reconfigure sounds of 21st-century cultural life; hone and showcase techy art-making skills; push envelopes in experimental radio show, DO or DIY, and in various CDs, LPs. Method: prefers such fertile media as “intercepted radio broadcasts, gutted and completely recontextualized.”

Name: Semiconductor. Also known as: Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt. Style: “artifical expressionism.” Mission: obviate and obliterate the boundaries between image and sound. Method: combine installation art, electronic music and digital filmmaking—or, to put it more modestly, “work with sound in a visual way.”

Event cost: none.

Event status: techno-riffic.

Friday at 8 p.m. in UC Davis’ Varsity Theatre, 616 Second Street in Davis. For more information, call (530) 756-3938 or visit