Something chill

Photo By Illustration by Hayley Doshay

Sacramento Beer Week is over, and yet you still want a brew (because you're awesome). But you want something mellow—not an eye-itching, hop-till-the-last-drop double IPA, or a booming Belgian quad or American barley wine. No, you want a chill sipper. Recommendations abound: My go-to chill beers are bière de gardes (medium-bodied, slightly sweet and hopped golden beers, done very well in northern France) and farmhouse ales (fruity, yeasty, dry and spicy, normally popular during the summer, but, hey, it feels summery here now). Blonde ales and saisons abound, even in the winter and at neighborhood spots, such as Taylor's Market (2900 Freeport Boulevard) and Corti Brothers (5810 Folsom Boulevard), who both boast increasingly thoughtful beer selections.