Check out LowBrau's ’Beer Nerd' list

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LowBrau has quickly proven itself to have one of the most exciting bottle lists in town. Cult or rare items on the daily roster, known as the “Beer Nerd” board, are often sold-out and crossed off the list within hours. The same is true for LowBrau's single rotating tap. Co-owner Clay Nutting explains the philosophy of the rotating tap over a rosy tulip glass of the current selection: an oak-barrel-aged tart ale from The Bruery called Sour in the Rye.

“The rotating tap is not for everyone, which is fine, because once it's done, it's done.”

He goes on to say that the response is a good gauge of customer interest, and that a recent Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales hoppy sour was gone within five hours. He chuckles that that particular incident reminds him of a scene in Ratatouille, in which the word of mouth within the restaurant spreads like wildfire.

LowBrau tweets when a new brew is on tap, but at this point, it might not even be necessary. Nutting notes that some of the regulars simply order whatever is on without even asking what it is.

The 13 nonrotating taps, encompassing a wide range of styles—most of them Deutsche-centric—may be the workhorses of the menu, but Nutting aims to keep the rotator full of “one-offs, seasonals and sours.” And you can bet that none of them will be sold in a 1 liter stein. LowBrau, 1050 20th Street; (916) 706-2636;