Sock it to me

The Usual, LowBrau

I'm definitely a whiskey sort of guy. I'm also an apricot sort of guy. Not to mention a vanilla bean kind of guy. So I'm all for LowBrau's new cocktail The Usual, which comprises a throaty George Dickle whiskey, apricot liqueur, cinnamon syrup and a floral vanilla bitters. It's sweet, though the waitress playfully described it as “charmed,” and further advised us to let it sit a sec and let the ice do its thing. She was right, as on the first sip the sugar socks you in the mouth hard before the flavors of the liquor and fruit begin to resonate. But, five minutes later, perfection. Strong, floral and a little bit heavenly. 1050 20th Street, (916) 706-2636,