SN&R’s Best of Sacramento 2013 winners

Our writers and readers share their favorites

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Each year, SN&R asks its readers to vote for their favorite Sacramento places. This year, 30,082 votes were cast in more than 100 categories. You’ll find the winners in the following pages—plus nearly 100 Best of Sacramento picks by SN&R’s writers. Thanks for reading, and thanks for being awesome!

Food & Drink

Tasty pies and pickles, un-American doughnuts, nerdy beers—and the city’s coolest chef (who you may have never heard of).

Shops & Services

You haven't slept until you've slept underneath a Korean blanket. Find out where to get one—plus the lowdown on who will deliver cookies and milk to your front door at 2 a.m.

Nightlife & Entertainment

A cowboy doorman, fanatic teens, grimy beats, drunk buses—and a Cheers-esque spot for Sacto’s creative class.

People & Personalities

Who’s the most popular pet in Sacramento? Find out here—plus a badass bartender, an outstanding Instagramer and a hella talented home-brewer.

Arts & Smarts

Discover more about Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel, the two women painting up a craze on SN&R’s Best of 2013 cover.

Travel & Sports

Hitting the road or the gym? Killer workouts or Capitol cooties, rural castles or pickup soccer? It’s up to you.


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