Most egalitarian comic-book store: Empire's Comics Vault

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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Everyone finally knows that girls read comic books, right? Right. But as is the case with all industries that started out as boys clubs (you know, politics, art, advertising, etc.), there's some lingering resistance to letting women in. Which is why it's so refreshing to come across people like Ben Schwartz, owner of Empire's Comics Vault, who held the first Creative Women Mini-Con at his store in August, which featured a dozen female comic-book artists from the area. It was a huge success: “The store was packed wall-to-wall,” he said. “We did not have enough room to fit all the creators I would have liked to have down. There are just too many talented women in the immediate area. That just means more for next time.” Kapow, sexism! 1120 Fulton Avenue, Suite K; (916) 482-8779;