Best place for bicycle toggery: Edible Pedal

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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You ride a bike, and that's great. But you do not need to be wearing spandex. Flashy, fat-roll emphasizing, garish spandex—the second cousin of velour tracksuits with “Juicy” emblazoned on the rump. You're not pulling it off. What would be vastly more handsome, however, is a nice pair of plus fours (short trousers that gather 4 inches below the knee). This classic piece of clothing is a lot more attractive than shiny bike shorts, and Edible Pedal keeps respectable riding togs like this in stock, including those made by Duso, Sacramento-based designer Amanda Carroll's clothing-design company. Duso makes the pants with secondhand slacks, and will alter your chosen pair to fit your hard biking body perfectly. Pairing them with one of the label's vintage plaid button-ups—the long sleeves are cut off and made into pockets sewn onto the back—will turn heads as your two wheels roll down the road, and not because you look like you're wearing sausage casing. 1712 Liestal Row, (916) 822-5969,