SN&R’s 2016 election preview!

Bad choices, ballot measures and all the big, big money

What do you mean it’s not over yet?

Listen, it only feels like the current election cycle has been on a nonstop loop since 2012—at least on a national scale. Trump and the fractured GOP, BernieBros vs. the Evil Clinton Empire (or, so they say). Hey, we’re exhausted by it all, too.

The voter fatigue struggle is real, folks.

Closer to home, however, things remain interesting—and energizing—in a good way.

There’s this year’s mayoral race, of course, which raises big questions about the future of the city. But there are other interesting power battles as well, not to mention a handful of ballot measures that hold the promise of more taxes and various administrative efficiency fixes.

So much to think about, so little time to figure it out. With California’s primary just weeks away, SN&R aims to make it easier for voters with analysis, facts and commentary. Our election preview parses the mayoral campaign funds, examines one of the year’s most hotly contested seats and gives readers a quick-hit primer on ballot measures galore.

Stay tuned for our endorsements in an upcoming issue, but in the meantime, keep calm and election on.