SN&R Beer Week Guide

First ever Sacramento Beer Week

Mom always told me to keep my eyes on the beer.

Anyway, let’s not go into the impact my upbringing has had on my (excessive) imbibing. Instead, let’s focus on the positive: This week is the first ever Sacramento Beer Week, beginning Monday, February 22, and continuing for seven full days.

That’s a lot of beer, so of course you’re going to drink responsibly—and never drink and drive. But also, after reading this guide, you’ll be drinking intelligently: learning about Sacramento’s beer history; trying ales, brews and suds you’ve never gulped before; and meeting new friends with a similar passion for beer.

Because, really, what’s better than a friend with a passion for beer, eh?

OK, SN&R’s guide to Sacrament Beer Week has all kinds of useful info, but don’t forget to hit up for a full calendar of a events.


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