Rated 2.0

According to the ersatz American Indian folklore of James DeMonaco, Todd Harthan and James Roday’s script, “skinwalkers” are werewolves, some of whom embrace the urge to feed on living flesh while others fight it, hoping somehow to lift the curse of their condition. The key to deliverance for the good werewolves is an adolescent boy (Matthew Knight) whom the evil ones want to find and kill. That’s the hook—seemingly contrived to go with a nifty-sounding title—on which director James Isaac hangs a cross-country chase in a customized RV bristling with small arms, pursued by gun-toting villains on thundering motorcycles. It’s not all that bad, but there’s an air of humorless camp about it, weighed down by the skimpy budget and the grimy look of David A. Armstrong and Adam Kane’s cinematography.