Sing for your supper—all five courses

There’s now a cast album for Five Course Love, the bubbly show penned by Sacramento’s Gregg Coffin that enjoyed an off-Broadway run in 2005. (Sacramento Theatre Company did it locally). Think of his lighthearted musical about dating and affairs as a “progressive dinner.” Each scene features a different couple (or members of a triangle) in a different restaurant. The musical styles reflect the cuisine: country/western, feisty Italian, decadent German cabaret, florid Mexican and ’50s doo-wop. The three singers from the New York cast are likewise quick-change artists, doing Texas twang, Spanglish, etc. Five Course Love will see five American productions this season, including a revival built to tour; it’s also done well in Korea. The album is available through and Ghostlight Records (, which specializes in musicals.