Silver City

Rated 4.0

An amiable dunce (Chris Cooper) is running for governor of Colorado, but when an unidentified corpse threatens to derail the candidate’s campaign, his manager (Richard Dreyfuss) hires a disgraced reporter (Danny Huston) to intimidate his political enemies. Writer-director John Sayles’ latest movie is his most overtly political in years (just guess who the candidate is supposed to be). Still, Sayles is an artist, not a propagandist, and while his sympathies are clear, he gives even his villains their full humanity. This kind of writing attracts the best actors, and Sayles’ complex, densely populated story boasts a succession of richly textured, sharply written cameo performances. Huston’s earnest, open-faced performance ties them all together, and Sayles allows his character a glimmer of hope amid the corruption.