A Home at the End of the World

Rated 3.0

After losing his brother, and then both of his parents by the time he’s in his teens, a young man (Colin Farrell) tries to build some kind of family to take their place—finally settling down with a boyhood friend (Dallas Roberts) and his flamboyant East Village roommate (Robin Wright Penn). Adapted by Michael Cunningham from his novel, and over-earnestly directed by Michael Mayer, the film takes place in a hermetically sealed universe with only a handful of characters who talk about nothing but themselves and each other, all in service to the author’s cozy all-you-need-is-love theme. Still, flashes of humanity break through: Farrell plays deftly against his hearty Irish image, and Roberts is a real discovery. Best of all is the flamboyant Penn, in the best performance of her career.