Short Review

Rated 1.0

Two high school jocks (Nicholas D’Agosto, Eric Christian Olsen) decide to skip football summer camp and enroll in cheerleader camp instead, where the chicks are plentiful and the guys are mostly gay. High school? Give me a break; when this gang was in high school, Bill Clinton was president (literally—check their birthdates on the IMDB). I can’t remember exactly when I used the phrase “rock-bottom puddle of camera-vomit,” but I’m sorry now that I didn’t save it for this. Allegedly directed by one Will Gluck and written by “Freedom Jones” (note to Jones: it takes more than a quirky name to turn yourself into Diablo Cody), here’s garbage from first frame to last—the fact that the posters scream “F.U.” tells all you need to know about what the makers think of their audience (and probably themselves).