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SN&R writers highlight some winners, including the best store to decorate yourself

Photo by Peter Griffin CC BY-SA 3.0

Best place to get a piercing

Exotic Body

There are an abundance of fleshy appendages that hang off your body. The question is: What should you do with them?

If you’re going to put some holes in them, you might want to consult the professionals at Exotic Body. We’re talkin’ nipple rings, ear piercings, dermal anchors, tongue webbing piercings and much more.

Open since 1990, Exotic Body’s got you covered—in holes, tattoos or a combination of both. If your body’s got it, they can probably pierce it.

Want to get your baby’s ears pierced? The team can do that. Want to pierce your belly button so you can hang a hummingbird feeder from it? The piercing tools await your body.

There’s only one thing Exotic Body says it won’t pierce: its high standards of excellence and obligation to uphold state health and safety codes.

807 30th St.; (916) 447-6824; M.M.

Best streetwear boutique

Getta Clue

When it comes to local streetwear shops, Getta Clue is one of those Sacramento staples that lights up the grid. The fashion hub has been around for more than two decades and seen a lot of change. After moving from K Street Mall to Midtown during the Golden 1 Center construction, the shop moved back last year to the newly rebranded DoCo. Now settled in its new digs, Getta Clue has plenty to offer: fresh kicks to put on your feet, cool little hats to put on your head, sick tees to throw on your back and several pairs of pants you can tie together to form a rope that you’ll later use to climb out of your window in the middle of the night to meet up with the gang and solve the Mystery of the Long Tunnel. It’s a fashion enthusiast’s dream!

405 K St., Suite 120, (916) 446-4700. R.M.