Sex Drive

Rated 2.0

A high-school nerd (Josh Zuckerman) steals his brother’s custom GTO and—accompanied by his best friends, a too-smooth lothario (Clark Duke) and a platonic girlfriend (Amanda Crew)—hits the road from Chicago to Knoxville, Tenn., intending to lose his virginity to a hottie he met on the Internet. This latest teen sex comedy—a genre that’s becoming more divorced from reality than Andy Hardy, Henry Aldrich or Archie and Jughead ever were—is rather prim even when it’s trying to be gross, and the script by John Morris and director Sean Anders (from Andy Behrens’ novel) strains even the least demanding credulity. Still, there are moments. The three leads are attractively bland; most of the laughs go to Seth Green as an improbably worldly Amish farmer and James Marsden as Zuckerman’s obnoxious brother.