Scoot your ass to work

So you work far from home (shame on you!) and need a greener way to get to work. It takes too long to ride your bike (plus, the sweat factor won’t fly at early board meetings), a Prius is outside your budget and a gasoline car is out of the question. Light rail is nowhere nearby and your company doesn’t have its own fleet of shuttles like Google. Thankfully, Vectrix is here to save the day with a super sleek, highway-legal Maxi-Scooter, now available in the U.S. With a top speed of 60 mph and a maximum range of nearly 70 miles, the Maxi-Scooter outperforms the average Vespa. It plugs into any standard 110/220-volt outlet and recharges in a couple hours. It’s stealthily quiet and uses regenerative braking technology to restore up to 10 percent of battery life. Between the low sticker price ($11,000) and savings in gas and maintenance, it’s a bargain you can’t pass up. Instead, you’ll be passing up cars and their noxious CO2 emissions as you ride to work in style.