Pour one out for sustainability

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up with a hangover and say, “By golly, I feel wonderful (emotionally) because last night’s rager promoted pesticide-free, environmentally responsible enjoyment of alcohol”? You can have that morning if you attend the second annual Organic Beer and Wine Tasting event put on by California Certified Organic Farmers and the annual Harvest Festival at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market in San Francisco on Friday, October 26. Tickets are $25 for 10 tastes and $15 for five tastes (see www.ccof.org/ccoftasting.php for a list of participating vineyards and breweries) and you’ll score a commemorative wine glass to display prominently in your home for year-round kudos from your liberal friends. Be sure to commute by public transportation—Amtrak (www.amtrak.com)—so the “wholesome” binge doesn’t cancel itself out with single-passenger, gas-guzzling hypocrisy. Cheers!